Cleveland Snow Plowing Company Holds Their Ground in 2013-14 Season

Ice Melt on Sidewalk

It was a trying season for most companies that provided Cleveland snow plowing last year.  With record snow events and cold, salt became a hot item.  Several Cleveland area cities had to cut back on salting due to statewide shortages.  Concerns over delayed and missing shipments spread quickly.

Morton Salt has released this statement about salt deliveries:

This has been an unprecedented winter weather season with the continued snow events and cold weather.  We’re doing everything possible to replenish our customers’ salt supplies as quickly as possible.  Even with these efforts, the demand for road salt is causing some delayed deliveries as we try to balance the needs of our customers. We know this is frustrating for customers and communities and we apologize.

Here at Reliable Snowplowing we have a dedicated salt supplier and their concerns and shortages never stopped our top level service.  We realize that Cleveland area businesses need to provide a safe environment for their customers and employees.  That is where over 30 years of experience comes in.  We have the experience to know that winter will show an ugly side eventually.  Old man winter has a way of blind siding a novice company.  Who knows, maybe your Cleveland snow plowing company simply disappeared mid-season.

If your commercial location cannot afford a faltering Cleveland Snow Plowing Company in the 2014-15 Season trust Reliable Snowplowing this year.