How to Select a Snow Plow Contractor

Snow Plow Trucks

Each year many companies and individuals request bids for snow plowing their property.  Often the search is begun with limited information or knowledge of the industry, options, and procedures required to obtain service best suited to the customer.  The goal with any service provider is an ongoing relationship of trust and satisfaction.

Often, referral is the first and best initial source of good, trustworthy contacts.  Ask neighbors or colleagues who they use and what their experience has been.  Snow and ice professionals are sure to want work nearby to accounts they already service.  The track record of a contractor can then be verified with your contact, and much of the guesswork is eliminated.

Internet search is a good option in lieu of referral.  With today’s excellent ranking systems and reviews online, it’s easy to weed out the non-contenders.  Certainly visit the website, review the services provided and make sure they can fulfill your requirements.  Pick up the phone and call the contractor you choose.  Do they even have a phone number?  Realistically, it should be expected that a knowledgeable, live representative either answers or provides a prompt call back.  If you can’t contact them pre-season, imagine your frustration during a storm.  Ideally, a prompt, (within a day or two) thorough quote will be forwarded to you explaining all your options.  If your needs are missed or ignored-move on!  Ask questions if more information is needed.  Given enough choices, confusion could arise.  Again, can you get through?  Are the folks courteous?  This is the foundation of a new relationship.  Let’s hope so!

This process also applies if the method of discovery is a flyer, mailer, or other solicitation.  Choose an enthusiastic contractor who is knowledgeable and experienced.  Check how long they have been in business.  Ask for insurance verification, both business liability and auto.  Ask for worker’s compensation certificates.  Check for civic and trade group participation as well as background checks.  The well qualified contractor can provide safe, trouble free access for your home or business.  In the end, safety and accessibility are the best value-guaranteed.