Mayfield Heights Snow Plowing

At Mayfield Heights Snow Plowing, we offer on-site commercial deicing services throughout Cleveland. You never know when a major storm will hit and leave layers of ice on your sidewalk, walkways or driveways that your employees and customers use each day to make it into your building.

But that’s why we are here!

At Mayfield Heights Snow Plowing, our professionals use state-of-the-art weather technology for forecasting the next major storm and have those results to us much faster than the local news broadcasts. We will know, when ice will form as a result of freezing cold weather. All services will also be monitored by using our field tracking system. We will know when our trucks arrive for the job and when they depart. You may also choose to customize a snow removal package, but do not forget how important it is to have deicing services.

Have your property under control and chose deicing services for the winter season!

Our deicing process allows for us to remove unseen black ice. Black ice can be tricky, as it remains unnoticed to many individuals in the city of Cleveland. We will remove all black ice before it becomes a potential danger to employees, customers, business partners, clients or anyone else that steps foot onto your property. Before our deicing process begins, we scrape all layers of frozen snow off to ensure everything is removed and the area is accessible for walking or driving on.

A dedicated meteorological service provides pinpoint real-time weather info at street level. We also access ODOT sensors installed throughout the area to provide surface temperatures and conditions on a minute to minute basis. Accurate weather forecasting is indispensable in the snow plowing industry, therefore we strive to stay on top of it to serve you better, our customer.

GPS locators in all vehicles allows for more efficient services. Your business can rely on our command center to dispatch a driver quickly for immediate service requests. Our GPs units allow for real time notification of service via e-mails.