What’s Going On With Snow Plowing In Cleveland?

Cleveland snow plowing has always been a battle, but it seems that lately we just keep setting snow and ice records of one kind or another. Commercial and facilities such as hospitals, or a church require a high level of snow removal service to keep the parking lots safe and clear of ice and snow.  Some managers have noted the increased snow removal expense due to harsher weather.  A snow and ice management company may offer a flat rate contract to help keep expenses in line. Monthly payment plans for snow plowing and snow management are one tool smart managers use to spread the cost out evenly throughout the winter season.

If Cleveland snow and ice persists with a vengeance again this season will it represent a change in climate? Does a wet cool summer indicate the winter to come? Should we consult a caterpillar? El Nino in the Pacific may play a role in our winter weather, but is expense more related to salt applications and the role the salt companies play in rising costs? There’s not much we can do about the weather but prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Snow plowing, snow removal, and salting as related to facilities management can be intelligently approached and mitigate the effects of whatever comes our way.

city people in snow
Is this really happening?