Keep Your Winter Safe with Cleveland Snow Plowing Service

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Step outside safely this winter using a Cleveland snow plowing service. Get your steps and driveway cleared professionally while you remain warm inside and get more important things done.

Winter is right around the bend so it is time now to look for a service for the winter. Ice and snow can take up a lot of your time during the cold months if you have to handle them yourself. Instead of laboring outside to clear your property, sit back and enjoy the beauty of winter and let somebody else do the work for you.

Winter can be a very stressful time of year and one of the best ways to relieve some of the stress is by hiring a Cleveland snow removal company. These professional services can serve both commercial and residential properties and have everything needed to remove the snow completely. They can also do it properly without harming your landscaping, asphalt or interlocked driveway.

You can hire a business to handle your snow in parking lots, driveways, your front and back steps and any walkways around your home. If you have a specialized service you need done as well, you can contact the company and get a quote for it.

Most businesses hire a professional company to remove their snow to ensure customer safety at their business location. If ice or snow cause an accident in their parking lot, on the walkway into the store or on the steps, the company can be sued for damages. This can be extremely expensive and can even force the business to shut down completely.

At home, you want to make sure that your family and guests are always safe. There are some days where you may be too busy to handle the snow or ice and this can turn into a safety hazard very quickly.

Most companies that offer snow plowing services only have enough equipment to handle a certain amount of customers. If you want to employ the services of a company that is well-known and respected in your community, make a call soon. It is always best to book your snow plowing services ahead of time before the first snow falls.

The Benefits of Hiring Willoughby’s Snow Plowing Experts

Loader Safety

A lot of people end up injuring themselves by trying to handle the snow all on their own during the winter and that is why it simply makes sense to hire a Willoughby snow removal company to do it for you. Don’t take chances with your precious health by overexerting yourself during the heavy snowfalls. You could end up with a serious long-term injury.

When a lot of snow falls there is also the risk that a lot of ice is building up underneath it. Emergency rooms are busier during the winter months with people that have injured themselves by falling on the ice or have suffered a heart attack from shoveling the snow themselves from their driveways and walkways.

Willoughby snow plowing companies have the equipment to handle large quantities of snow. They also have everything needed to get rid of any ice underneath. You won’t have to endure long and tedious hours of snow shoveling when you hire a company to do it for you.

If you need commercial snow removal in Willoughby you need to hire a company that has a solid reputation. There are some companies that are operating without the required insurance and don’t do a thorough job. Also, if your location that needs plowing is located in a remote area, you’ll have to find a professional snow removal company that services out of town customers.

Landlords especially have to make sure that all of the parking lots, walkways and driveways on the property are well tended. If a tenant should slip and fall due to negligence it could result in a lawsuit. Landlords have a responsibility to their tenants to make sure that snow is properly cleared and ice is handled for the safety of the tenants.

There are a lot of other benefits to hiring a snow plowing company, but these are the most important ones. Value your health and safety and those of others this winter by making sure that snow and ice are properly handled so that no accidents or injuries occur. It is really a very small price to pay for that extra peace of mind.

From Norway to Mayfield: Snow Plowing’s Antecedents and Modern Methods, Part II

Traffic During Snow Storm

Once the rotary blade was invented to be used on trains it was time to come up with an even better system for Mayfield snow removal. Double rotary engines that had a rotary plow on each end soon came into use. These could clear the snow at the stations and were highly effective in dealing with snow that continue to fall in a single direction.

These blades were used first by steam engines and were then later followed by electrical or gas powered engines. Now they are a thing of the past and only a memory.

Plows were a miracle in the making for Mayfield snow plowing back in the day. In the 1860s it was rare to find a plow that was horse-drawn across America but shortly after that they became very popular.

It is interesting to note that snow plowing problems then and now are very similar. They both have the common problem of clearing the roads effectively without blocking side roads or sidewalks. Back then and even now the disposal of snow has been a problem.

In the past, snowplows could handle the streets but ended up sending snow on the sidewalks and even ended up blocking the doorways to shops and businesses. Lawsuits began to develop from storeowners while citizens continued to find their way through the deep piles of snow left on the sidewalk.

The solution to this came in the form of horse-drawn carts that were used for snow removal. Snow was carried away into nearby waterways, which added more jobs to the community. Nowadays, snow can be disposed of using dump trucks and backhoes.

Rotary blades and horse-powered plows are a thing of the past, but it is important to know the history of snow plowing as it forms a part of your community. Snow removal will continue to be a necessary part of life for anyone that lives up north and is an important part of your heritage. Luckily, there are solutions in place and services that offer snow removal at a fair price. In the past, these options simply were not available.

From Norway to Mayfield: Snow Plowing’s Antecedents and Modern Methods, Part I

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There is a history to Mayfield snow removal that you may not be aware of, and here is more information about snow plowing then and snow plowing now. You’ll see that there’s quite a difference between the two and that modern technology has really stepped up to the plate in this field.

Horses used to be the power behind snow plows in earlier days. The blades used for snow plowing back then were made from wood in a wedge shape. It was a lot of work for the horses to pull heavy snow so it was a much more difficult task back then and it could take an extremely long time to get the job done.

Once the automobile was invented the snow plow was adapted to be used with vehicles. It was converted to fit onto the front of the car for easy plowing.

During the early 20s, patents were issued for snowplows. The first plow was created in Norway by Even and Hans Overaasen. These two brothers made a plow that could be used as a model for future snow plowing plans. Soon after this plow was invented, these two men offered snow removal as a business.

There was another famous inventor named Carl Frink that invented another snowplow that could be mounted on cars. He developed a company in 1920 called Frink Snowplows in Clayton New York. This company is still alive today and is now known as Frink-America.

Snow plowing using trains has a history that dates as far back as the middle 1800s. J.W. Elliot was a Canadian dentist that invented the rotary snow plow. After seeing that there were some problems with the wedge plow, this Canadian inventor decided to make some changes and have the blades cut and rotate the snow as the train moved ahead. This rotary blade used an engine as its power source while a second engine kept the train moving forward.

The blades would lift the snow up a channel and then the snow would be churned out from the top of the shoot. An operator would be able to control how fast the blades would turn and could turn the chute in different directions. Over time this system was modified so a pushing locomotive could do the work with one operator handling both the train and the snow clearing.

This was the beginning of Mayfield snow plowing and there were newer and better ways of clearing snow just on the horizon.